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Information has become ample and cheap. Our online searches yield abundant results, in many cases an overload of choices. How do we navigate? How can we know which option to pursue without jeopardizing our valuable time, energy, and resources?

What if you would have worked in the piano and music instrument industry for the last 30 years, had built musical instruments from the ground up, serviced and restored them, concertized on them, and accomplished over $30 Million in piano sales – would you be in a better position to navigate and chose? Would you allow yourself to be called “an expert”? Might you offer your help to others?

In my early years, I would send long, elaborate inventory lists to inquirers. Today, I feel that my work with clients excels in narrowing down choices, rather than expanding their range. After all, you likely are looking just for one single, one perfect piano.

Allow My Perfect Piano to help.

Would a free, no-obligation phone consultation be of value to you or would you prefer communicating your search criteria, below?

To be respectful of your time, allow me to clarify that we specialize in the purchase and sale of performance-level Bosendorfer and Steinway & Sons (Hamburg and New York) grand pianos, starting at $20,000. We will be glad to provide you with a reference for other categories.

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