What my clients say

"Highly recommended.”

“Came half-way around the world to find my life-time musical companion!”

Avon Phillips

Brisbane, Australia

“Louis was invaluable in helping us find the perfect buyer for our Steinway B piano. He is exceptionally responsive, professional and knowledgeable about both the U.S. and international piano markets.

Highly recommended.”


San Francisco, CA

“Thanks so much for handling the in-home consignment sale of our Bösendorfer piano. You were extremely responsive and professional in dealing with all aspects of the transaction. I would highly recommend My Perfect Piano to anyone interested in buying and/or selling a high-end piano.”


Austin, TX

“Marilyn and I want to let you know what a great experience we have had working with you and All About Pianos.

The 5’8” grand piano you had specially-made for us is truly a work of art, with a magnificent sound quality. The exquisite workmanship and attention to every detail in this piano is extraordinary.

Since the elegance of this piano virtually “mirrors” that of your service, our experience has been unusually pleasant and rewarding. We wish you and your company the very best and will be happy to be a reference for any of your new prospective customers. Thanks again, Louis.”

Paul A. Johnson, Ph.D.

Johnson & Associates, P.C. and The Faber Foundation for Music, Arts & Education

“It has been a pleasure doing business with you. It was not easy to part with our beloved Bösendorfer piano, that had been a part of the family for nearly twenty years. Yet, you gave us confidence that our piano was in the best possible hands, and would find a new home.

Your extensive knowledge of Bösendorfer pianos, and your unquestioning regard for the craftsmanship and musical qualities of  these wonderful instruments, was amply evident when you came to our home in California to pick up the piano and deliver it personally to your customer.

From beginning to end, you took the time to ensure that every aspect of our transaction with you was handled in the most courteous and professional manner. We had hoped to find someone like you who could help us sell our piano.”

Laura and Bert Z.

Pebble Beach, California

“Working with both Evangelina and Louis during my year and a half journey to purchasing my Bösendorfer was wonderful! They were always delightful, positive, uplifting, encouraging, and cheerful when I asked dozens of questions. They would also follow through with the gathering of any additional information that wasn’t always readily available at the time I’d call.

I highly recommend calling and setting up an appointment to find your dream piano! You’ll enjoy the journey to owning the world’s finest instrument.”


“It was a great pleasure to work with you and your wonderful staff at All About Pianos. You not only found me a wonderful rebuilt Bösendorfer piano, but you and your associates went above and beyond the call of duty in taking care of me during the buying process, and afterwards. Your passion and dedication for not only pianos, but for customer service, is extraordinary!”


Menlo Park, CA

“Having spent some six months sourcing a quality piano, your ultimate appointment was the smartest thing I could have done. Time over, engagement of All About Pianos is exactly where I’d start – I couldn’t recommend your dedication to the task more highly.

While satisfactory in itself, I especially need acknowledge the honesty and integrity which throughout, proved so pivotal. Very rarely in agent-client relationship does this come with such a single face. I am indeed very grateful and wish you continuing success in your business.”


Falkland, BC

“Words are inadequate to express the depth of appreciation we feel and to thank you both for everything you did to create such a magical journey to acquire our gorgeous new Bösendorfer 225 semi-concert grand piano.

Until I found you, I was despairing of finding a piano dealer I felt I could trust. Bösendorfer of Las Vegas clearly differentiated itself from the local piano dealers by seeking to understand my needs and to match just the right piano to me. You made the sales process memorable with every special touch.”

Signe and Don F..

San Marino, California

“We had been searching for a piano for two years when I was sent an e-mail for a 1987 Steinway L from Louis Spencer-Smith with All About Pianos. The ad was professionally done, providing a thorough description of the piano and photographs showing all aspects of the instrument. The ad was compelling enough to prompt me to call Mr. Spencer-Smith. He was courteous and informative, giving additionally information about the piano; its pros and cons and why the instrument was being offered for sale by a retiring actress.

Since the piano was located in Arizona and we live in California, he was most helpful in setting up an appointment for me to see and play the instrument at the owner’s home. He even providing an interactive map of directions to the home as well as hotel and restaurant recommendations during our brief stay in Sedona.

After we agreed to purchase the piano on Thursday at 1 pm, the piano was delivered by 8:30 am the next morning. Now that’s service! Thank you Louis for your assistance.”

Nancy and Philip P.

San Diego, California

“I just want to thank you for the superior service our family experienced during our search for my son’s piano. From the very first conversation I had with you over the phone, I felt at ease and that my son and I were in good hands. You dedicated a great deal of time to listen to what my son needed in an instrument and worked very hard to meet his expectations within the budget we set.

I consider the craftsmanship and maintenance of the Steinway B purchased from you as a gift; and so my son now has a great gift for his great gift.

It is with much enthusiasm and gratitude that I recommend you, and All About Pianos, to anyone searching for a piano of the highest quality, at the best price and with uncompromising world class service.”


Fort Worth, TX 76131

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the 2007 Model B and all the great support you have provided in facilitating the purchase. You have my unconditional recommendation for any prospective client interested in a Steinway piano.

I received it Tuesday afternoon and when I went to my weekly piano lesson the next day, my piano teacher couldn’t believe what an improvement had occurred after only one day of practicing on the Model B. The dynamic range is just incredible.

I’m VERY happy with this piano!”

Dr. Steven S.

Golden Valley, MN

“Louis, I recall the evening I emailed you to see if the Bosendorfer 280 concert grand was still available. Frankly, I had no idea what to expect. The next day you called and we discussed the possibility and timing for evaluation of the instrument. Subsequently, you guided us through every step of journey while maintaining every stakeholder’s best interest. We were able to make some great new friends along the way.

Louis you are an exemplary professional. Starla and I sincerely thank you for everything you have done to facilitate this dream come true.”

Starla and David

Birmingham, AL

“I can’t thank you enough for your helpful, tactful, and inspiring approach to my shopping decision. By now I know your passion for Bösendorfer. But when I was comparison shopping, you let me discover the differences between Bösendorfer and other pianos for myself, with information but no pressure. That process allowed me to make decision with conviction – quite important when I was spending several times more for the Bösendorfer. If I had spent an evening with the Bösendorfer before buying it, I would have been an easy sell at twice the price.

My family thanks you again for the thoughtful ‘party’ you brought to us with the wonderful selection of wines, crackers and cheeses. You have many fans in this house.”


“Louis, thank you for your invaluable assistance in helping me sell my Steinway D. I had tried several avenues on my own, including Ebay, Craigslist, and Pianomart.com, with very few responses and obviously no success. Your recommendation to list my piano for sale under an “in-home consignment” arrangement worked out extremely well. Our agreement provided me the flexibility to terminate the arrangement on relatively short notice if I was unhappy for any reason.

Your marketing of the piano and commitment to meeting the buyer in person resulted in the successful sale I had been hoping for.

For those who are looking for professional help in selling a high-end piano, I strongly recommend Louis Spencer-Smith. He clearly understands the piano market, and makes constructive recommendations to help get the piano sold. My experience with him was extremely positive.”


San Diego, CA

“In the course of our professional careers Dr. Wachsman and I have had decades of working with people in many different circumstances ranging from adversarial matters, to boards on which we serve, to dealing with media, to employee issues, to collaborating with colleagues in law and in medicine. What matters at the end of any interaction between people is the respect and dignity with which one is treated, no matter the outcome. From the moment we contacted you at Bösendorfer Pianos of Las Vegas, we were treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. The sale of our Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano, an instrument that had given us over twenty years of joyful memories, was a most personal event and both of you understood that simple fact. The consignment process, from the straightforward contract, to the ongoing notification of prospective buyers, to the respect given to our decisions was seamless and professional.

Even under difficult market conditions your communication with us was timely, forthright and helpful. And we will never forget the extraordinary efforts that Louis expended in contacting us while in Germany for a family funeral. In all respects our experience with you has been an absolute pleasure, as well as financially beneficial.

We would not hesitate to recommend Bösendorfer Pianos of Las Vegas to anyone who considers selling his/her Bösendorfer on consignment.”

Kathryn M. W., Harvey F. W., MD, JD

“I am writing from Argentina to thank you for the good time I had in choosing my newest best friend, the Bosie 275. I guess it was destiny that made us run into each other.”
Andres Pollak
Santiago de Chile
“Thank you so much for one of the most unforgettable days in my artistic life, selecting my Steinway D concert grand. Your support and energy will never be forgotten.”
Andre Mehmari
Sao Paolo, Brazil
It is with much enthusiasm and gratitude that I recommend you, and All About Pianos, to anyone searching for a piano of the highest quality, at the best price and with uncompromising world class service.”
S. W.
Fort Worth, TX 76131